This was our first meal in Tashkent and we’re so lucky the food was great, the restaurant’s so pretty, staff can speak English, and it was walking distance from the hotel! 🏨

Chill vibes and music here too, definitely worth dropping by when you’re in the city. We had some Uzbek manti, some really good Uzbek plov, and (ironically?) our first horse meat/kazy beshbarmak which is Kazakhstan’s national food ☺️ (Anyway this dish is so popular I think you’ll easily find it in Central Asia!)
Beshbarmak (Бешбармак) means “five fingers” in Kazakh, because nomads traditionally ate this dish with their bare hands. It’s usually made with boiled meat, dough, and chyk which is an onion sauce.
If you’re wondering what horse meat tastes like for a first timer like me, it tastes just like beef but slightly more gamy?
Another interesting thing we noticed at both UZ & KZ restaurants we have visited: drinks are usually served as pitchers meant for sharing! Had the shock of my life when I ordered a SMALL house lemonade and the waiter showed up with a pitcher. Thinking it was a mistake, I asked the waiter again but he really insisted it was “small”. If I remember correctly, it was about ~USD4.4 if anyone’s wondering 😂
Place is called Чайхана Navvat – make sure to visit when you’re in Tashkent!
📍Navvat Lounge Bar
9 Matbuotchilar Street, Tashkent 100012, Uzbekistan
Phone: +998 99 968 68 68