Discovering Amir Temur’s legacy through captivating exhibits and artifacts in Tashkent’s Museum Of Amir Temur located near Hotel Uzbekistan and the iconic Amir Temur Square! 🕌✨


If you’re serious about understanding and learning more about Uzbekistan’s history, you have to visit this museum when you’re in Tashkent! 😉 Admission fee is about 25,000 som (~ US$2).


Plus, as you can see, both the museum’s exterior and interior are absolutely stunning works of art! Like just take a moment to marvel at the remarkable level of detail in this museum’s interior 😍


Fun fact: this museum is so significant for Uzbekistan that it’s featured on the back of their 1,000 som banknote! 💰

State Museum of the Temurids

Address: 1 Amir Temur Avenue, Tashkent 100000, Uzbekistan
Phone: +998 71 232 07 66