If you’re into Sichuan mala flavors, you’re in for a treat at Chengdu! But for those who aren’t a fan of the aromatic goodness of Sichuan mala, it might be a little challenging; at least in my opinion!

True story: After indulging in mala for weeks during my stay in Chengdu, I seriously couldn’t eat any more mala for the months that followed! Everywhere we went there was mala, and almost everything, from potatoes, tofu, to hotpot, noodles, and more; everything had mala flavour in it!

(Just look at this majestic mala hotpot we had at Yue Man Da Jiang Hotpot in Chengdu!)

Then again if you’re someone who likes spicy food, this city is a foodie’s paradise. Just be ready to reach for those ice-cold drinks to cool down those fiery taste buds!

Do you like Sichuan mala? 🌶️😋